Tax audits and litigation


Tax services provided by Czech Taxes

 during tax audits and litigation


  • Assistance with orientating in origin of property legislature.


  • Assistance with replies to appeals from the tax administrator regarding proof of income.


  • Assistance with preparing wealth declarations.


  • Representation during proving origin of property.


  • Assistance with individual procedural steps of a tax audit, representation at hearings during on-site inquiries, during tax audit and during procedures aimed at clearing questions of the tax audit.


  • Provide explanations to the tax administrator.


  • Process replies to appeals from the tax administrator including evidence preparation.


  • Representation during witness interrogations.


  • Process statements to tax audit results.


  • Representation during discussions of tax audit reports.


  • Process appeals against supplementary tax payment.


  • Representation during appeal in front of the financial directorate.


  • Assistance when taking legal action against the decision of the appellate authority, cassations addressed to The Supreme Administrative Court or constitutional complaints addressed to the Constitutional Court.